Typescript introductory tutorial

What is Typescript: “Typescript is a typed superset of Javascript that compiles to plain javascript”:- Typescriptlang.org Typescript is a next generation of Javascript framework developed and maintained by Microsoft under Open Source License. By using this javascript framework we can using javascript as a real world modeling. Because we can write code like any other(…)

Interview Question for B.Tech Freshers

Certainly I have got question from various B.Tech guys what kind of questions generally asked from freshers who just passed their engineering exam as they are not aware about what kind of questions may asked from interviewer. From that perspective, I have created list of few top questions that is asked frequently to freshers who(…)

Configure Solr with Magento Enterprise

Today we will see how to configure Solr with Magento Enterprise. For those who need more input about what Solr is or s/he is beginner then please follow : http://www.cutehits.com/web/apache-solr-tutorial-beginner Beyond the above article I would like to explain how to install Solr, Because even if you are going to configure Solr on Enterprise magento(…)

Magento indexing FAQs and a comparison on indexing of CE vs EE

What is indexing: Indexing is a term/technique in database helps to provide fast access of data even in case of huge data in database tables field. The same way indexing works in magento . It is a technique that used to update/manage all the data in database, in such a fashion so that this data(…)

Best way to deliver successful project in IT

Successful delivering of any project is the key goal for any project. If we think about successful delivery of a project then we can easily say that only a successful management team can deliver the successful project. But even after 100 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gantt_chart) of years since project management comes into picture, it’s a big question mark(…)

TOP 5 PHP based Ecommerce Solutions

If you are looking for an ecommerce solution then, the million dollor question you might have which open source solution I should opt for my website. Today I will show a comparison of top 5 PHP based open source. What is current trend ? Before we go with any conclusion about which one are the(…)

How to Create multiple pages programmatically in wordpress

Today we will see the simple and easiest way to create multiple pages programmatically. In this article I have divided the goal into small and easy steps so that not only its easy to understand but also its very easy to implement. My Goal for this article is to create unique page for each alphabet(…)

Handling OOPS with Javascript with examples

Today we are going to learn about OOPs (Object Oriented Programming). But before going forward in advance concept of javascript, Lets understand why javascript is getting popular day by day. Below are some of the facts about javascript that makes it very popular: Its lightweight. Since its available at client side so its doesn’t go(…)

Node Js tutorial for beginners

What is Node js Node.js is basically a Javascript based language that inherit all the properties of javascript including all advance OOPs concept. Its an open source, cross platform and run time environment for development of next generation web applications. In todays era when moreover hybrid applications are being created then the use of node(…)

Magento Full Page Caching Tutorial

In todays tutorial we will learn about Magento Full Page Caching. By reading this article you will be able to know following things: What is Full Page Caching Advantage of Full Page Caching Disadvantage of Full Page Caching What is Placeholders and Containers How Full Page Caching Works internally What is whole punching Uncache block(…)