Why Vagrant and how it works

“There is an upgraded version of my this article available. You can take a look at Why vagrant is still fruitful for developers” What is Vgrant: We will understand the necesity of using vagrant with its advantages and disadvantages. We will also see how to install and run vagrant on windows with command line. Its(…)

How to use grunt for workflow automation

What is workflow automation: In the new era of development its not limited itself with doing coding and manual testing of functionality on server. The era has been changed now, CSS are coming after compilation from pre-processors, code are being validated through tools like JShint (to avoid any wrong code is not written), TDD, BDD(…)

Top 5 Benefits of using Jira

About Jira: Jira is a software tool created by atlassian. This was created as bug tracking system, but now it’s a full fledge project management tool that not only capable of holding scrum based release but it can also be applied for general purpose target/goals. Jira is a cloud based software as service product that(…)