How Magento load all modules

app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\config.php you can see init function You can see loadModules() function of same file to see which all modules gets loaded on this page.This  function call _loadDeclaredModules () . Under _loadDeclaredModules function you can see how many modules are get loaded and how it parse their config files and dependency etc. How does layout update(…)

Important common Magento Code Tweaks

add new new menu item under system like Export/Import Open Your modules confix.xml file under adminhtml tag section of your file you can see all the menus are declared there. You can add any menu in that section : You can see i have added my menu under system >> Import/Export >> Export Offers. For(…)

Setting up Web Service or SOAP with magento

Before moving ahead and demonstrate “How to make use of Web Service/ SOAP of Magento”. If you wanted to have a quick introduction about “Web Service and their implementation with SOAP” then you can simply click here  Web Service and their implementation with SOAP Create a web service Role in Magento: Step 1: Login to(…)