Short Tutorial on Varnish Cache

 With  this short tutorial we would like to have a brief description about varnish Cache. By going through with this tutorial you will know the answers of some common questions related to varnish Cache like:   *. What is Varnish Cache *. Why Varnish Cache *. Advantage of Varnish Cache *. Configuring settings for Varnish(…)

Short tutorial on Solr Apache and How-To

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NgInx Server Vs Apache Server which web server is better

Nginx and Apache both are really good web server from general perception but still there are few facts that  makes nginx server a most better choice . See below some facts that will give you a better  idea to compare both web  servers  and you can choose accordingly. History of Apache Web Server Apache is(…)

Important Metrics of a web server

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Overview of GIT and Important commands of GIT in Linux

Git is another code based repository like SVN, CVS etc.. . Although at the beginning it might be little tough than SVN which is very easy to learn but if you are thinking to work at higher level where you can control your code at multiple level then Git is the good way and you(…)