Create a new Position and Calling custom HTML on position

If we want to add a new position in the template then we need to add a new line to templateDetails.xml your-position-id Now we need to call that any specific module to specific position by just writing on templates index.php file. Now we need to create new module (Custom HTML ) module from admin section(…)

How to disable few page details from specific page of Joomla 3

If you want to remove page details from all pages of Joomla 3 then Read Here . If you want to remove these details only from specific page not from all article pages of Joomla 3 then still you can do same from Joomla 3 admin section. Just Go to Content >> Article manager select(…)

How to disable written by,publishe,hits from Joomla 3 all pages

If you open any create any joomla page from admin section then you might see there are various other section of contents which you might not require based on the design. Details Written by Super User Category: Cute Category Published: 15 June 2013 Hits: 2 so this question comes in your mind how to disable(…)

How to add a new Menu to Joomla 3

1. Login to admin section Menus >> Main Menu 2. Now click on “New” button on the top left side. Under Menu Type click on “Select” button. From this choose “Articles” and then “Single Article” 3. As soon you select “Single Article” the same form will as “Select Article”. Choose the article that you want(…)

How to assign any content page as home page of Joomla 3

By default Joomla shows all the featured articles on the home page. If you want to assign any particular content/article page that should be displayed on home page then you can do that by admin section. Go to Menus >> Main Menu and select Home page . Now click on home page so that you(…)

Email distribution under folders under Mozilla Thunderbird

Its very obvious that you have tons of Emails in your Thunderbird inbox and certainly you don’t have time to manage/transfer your email one by one from one folder to another folder. We can easily handle the scenario by using a trick :   Trick to transfer email from one folder to another folder automatically:(…)

Top 10 Factors that Make your website big Hit

1. Keep your contains regularly updated: Regular update of contents over website helps google (and other search engines) to know that this website keeps concurrent information .Based on this sense Search Engines offer this website URL more frequently to the visitors on same keywords than their competitor websites. 2. Relevant Keyword and structured content: Its very difficult for a web(…)

What is the Use of Robots.txt file

This file is used by website owners to give instructions to the search engines about the website. Because as soon as any search engine comes to the website it directly reads the instructions written into /robots.txt file. This is known as Robots Exclusion Protocal .   Just in order to make it very clear as(…)