Enable Wysiwyg Editor with add/edit form of custom modules in Magento

With custom modules of mangento we can see there are four filds are there on add/edit form i) Title ii) Body iii) Desc iv) Enable/Disable dropdown By Default Description fild is textarea only . There is no Wysiwyg Editor enabled automatically. At a glance its easy to say that you simply need to enable it(…)

Steps to Migrate Magento Site from One server to another

In order to migrate your website to from one server to another server you need to make following changes in your code and database Step 1: Copy your all code from old server to new server Step 2: Export database from magento admin and import it to new server Step3 : Change database password in(…)

Calling a Stored Procedure from PHP

Calling a stored procedure with PHP only possible after connecting PHP with Mysql. Apart from conventional way of mysql connection . There are two ways to connect PHP with mysql i)    The database independent PHP:: DB extenstion  which is also known as Mysqli extension ii)    Recent PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension. In our example we(…)