Some Interesting informative facts

Here are some Interesting informative facts *. Biscuit and cakes are the one of the most important factor to rise cancer in womb. Regular snaking raises chance by 42% *. Only 30% donated eyes go to needy (according to Union Health Ministry) *. Woman get more weight after merriage while Men after divorce *. More(…)

Maximum rows in Mysql database table

This is the very general question which usually comes in a developers mind that “How much data a mysql table may contain”. This question is also important because as a developer we must know the maximum limit so that we can take appropriate action before table crash. Moreover the main reason behind database / table(…)

Introduction and Example of Zend Data Cache

As we have already explained the Zend Data Cache in Cache Introduction. Zend data comes in action when it is imprectical or impossible to cache entire page output. For example if your section of data are more dynamic in nature like you are trying to cache your payment form where you have your credit card(…)

Example of Output Cache in Zend

To see how Page Cache works in zend . Here are the steps to implement Page Cache in Zend. Step 1: Create a folder named “Cache” in your application public folder . Provide 777 permission on that folder so that it can store cached files. Step 2: Open index.php file and define the path where(…)

Example of Page cache in Zend

To see how Page Cache works in zend . In the page cache actually it cache/store all the output of the whole page at the location we specify through our code. So when any user just open the page first time then with the help of page cache it cache the data at first time(…)

What is Caching and Cache implementation in Zend

Optimization is one of the great thing for making an web application much faster.Although there are various way of optimization .Caching is one of the most efficient  way of optimization of web application. In caching technique basically we store the output somewhere on our file system, memchached server or somewhere else other than our application(…)

PHP Design Pattern

PHP is an open source Language so we are seeing a lot of greate Open source product such as Drupal, Sugar , Magento and lots more..All these are based on certain design pattern. Design pattern was firstly introduced by Eric Gamma and their three friends in 1972.Design pattern is basically a pattern of software design(…)

Importance of E-Commerce

E-commerce is an important feature of internet emerged from last few years. E-Commerce means Electronic Commerce. It is used to distribute, buy, sell transfer of money online. E-Commerce has opened the way of doing business any time and anywhere without beyond current geolocation. In E-Commerce primarily following steps are followed 1.The Consumer Places an order(…)

What is Photoshop workarea and Palettes

The Photoshop work area is arranged to help as focus on creating and editing the image. It contains a set of tools and components in it that help us to create an innovative image or edit any image with their available tools and techniques. Below image shows the work area of Photoshop From the above(…)