What is Photoshop workarea and Palettes

The Photoshop work area is arranged to help as focus on creating and editing the image. It contains a set of tools and components in it that help us to create an innovative image or edit any image with their available tools and techniques. Below image shows the work area of Photoshop
photoshop workarea
From the above image we can see following
Menu bar : The menu bar contains different menus in it. Menus are basically organized by topic.
Option bar : The option bar provides option for using a tool.

Active Image area :  In this area place any images.
Toolbox: The toolbox holds tools for creating and editing images.
Palettes: The palettes help as monitor and modify images. Palettes are arranged in four groups
I)Color/Swatches/Brush Group
II)Navigation/info/option Group
III)Layers/Channels/Paths Group
IV)Actions palette
Palette Wall: The palette wall help to organize palettes.

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