About Us

By profession I am a programmer a blogger a tech leader , a technical consultane. Who has

Got    this skills after more than 8 years rigriow experience from various multinationals

After doing Bacherir or and master degree in computer science. The abore experience that given me

Stran   exposwuse in my personal and professional  if right from analysiry a system their important

Strategy ,implementing and inhancing new and enistiy  opplication architectur  learn handily and saplre


BY person :

By person  I am a loving personality  who boliw  in live and let other live .I am

Son a father , a husband  a good helps for my

Friend and family my target with life is to give happiness to all who are near to me .But of course I do not like be use by some one for their person interest that doesnot sults to me.

What I do :-            What is my passion

I has a passion for writhing(since I am very busy with teach stuff so I write for teach staff ,I am very much I                              for expression   new opportunity teach and  implerent new thing on worious

Poojesis that few them              exposwo for thtier product . I also engrger my self to nurtro and create a tteam of talerted hands and work with or hands to achiewe specitic go