How magmi engine works altogether

Now we will understand high level introduction of each directory. Cli : Under this directory there is a single file magmi.cli.php file. This is basically for command line script for product import. Conf : This folder contain sample configuration file for magmi. It contain magmi.ini.default. In order to run Magmi we need to rename this(…)

Magento Installation Issue on xampp

Reason for Installation Issue on xampp server: You might have latest version of PHP available through xampp server and you are trying to install older version of Magento. On which some of the PHP files support older way to get the things. For example xml tag closing etc.. but you might have some compulsion to(…)

What is Setup Resources in Magento

What is Setup Resources in Magento? Setup Resources are a part of your magento extension that will get executed as soon as your extension will get installed. To understand it better we can take an example: Suppose you are creating an extension for “dealer management”. For storing your dealer details you must require a “dealers”(…)

create a new Web Service V2 API with magento

What is Magento Web Service: Magento has a very rich set of Web Service APIs available with it. But still it’s  great that it wouldn’t limit us with that only. We do have other options available to extend this treasure with more diamonds as well.   Pre-Requisite: 1)      I assume that you must be aware(…)

Important Settings and Configurations for Amazon M2E Pro

M2E Pro Amazon Pre-Requisite In this tutorial we will get some information regarding “How to sell you products on Amazon through M2E Pro” Pre-Requisite for M2E Pro Amazon Integration: i)                 Pro Merchant Seller account ( Here we have two types are available Individual : Where we will directly sell the product on amazon. But here(…)

Introduction to Magmi (Magento Mass Importer)

What is Magmi Magmi is a powerful tool that is developed for Importing products from other source/platform to Magento in very efficient and fast manner. Its not a magento extension but it’s a database client instead that creates dedicated connection to magento database and through this dedicated connection it imports the products into it. So(…)

Extending Shopping Cart Price Rules form magento

You might need to add a new field on “Shopping Cart Price Rules” form so this tutorial will help you to achieve this goal. Goal: Extending “Shopping Cart Price Rules” and Add a new text field under “General Information” tab. Strategy to achieve this Goal : If you go into the code then we can(…)

Best IDE for PHP Development

Although there are several IDE available that support PHP code development as well. But the question comes “What is the Best IDE for PHP”. While choosing best IDE for PHP few are the general criteria that comes into mind. For example: *. Is this PHP IDE, an open source product? Open Source means the IDE(…)

PHP Basic code Standard Guideline

PHP Basic code Standard Guideline: Type of Guideline Guideline Description Start PHP tag All PHP code must be started with Close PHP tag Closing of PHP tag (?>) should be omitted from script which contain only PHP code. Encoding All PHP files must use only UTF-8 encoding Class Naming Convention All class name must be(…)

Fix Google hCard Warnings

How to Fix Google hCard Warnings You might see some warning while checking your website on “Google Rich Snippet Tool”. Like Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”. Warning: Missing required field “updated”. Warning: Missing required hCard “author”. Warning: At least one field must be set for Hcard. Warning: Missing required field “name (fn)”. Warning: At least(…)