Mobile App development with Vue Native

Vuejs  is one of the fastest and lightweight JavaScript framework which is one of the important for today’s  UI development requirement. VueJs framework is   directly competing with   react and angular  JavaScript frameworks. React is backed by Facebook and angular is backed by Google, Vue JS is purely an open source platform which is being maintained by community and open source contributors.  I would like to bring certain points, about why  VueJs getting popularity day by day.

  • Lightweight: VueJS Is the lightweight framework based on node platform. It is very easy E and quick to set up and get started with front end development work.This Framework is scalable as well you can simply plug any npm module and start taking advantage of that module within the vuejs 
  • Faster  : Instead of directly running the code, you just build and packages the original code And lightweight and minified version of your product is getting rendered on the clients UI. because of that it makes the framework faster On any device or platform.
  • Easy to Learn:  because of very nice  templating system inside the vue JS  it is very easy to learn and start fresh development into it. by default it on any of the templates you can create HTML CSS Directly.   although it provides support for component based development as well which provides a nice feature of code reusability within the project  these features  really make it easy to learn for a developer.
  • MVVM:  unlike any  traditional UI framework you don’t need to bind model with view and you with the model. Vuejs  supports mvvm model which automatically bind model with view and view with model
  • Nice support for Mobile app development:  like any other strong framework this JavaScript Framework also provides a nice support for mobile app development . By using vue native you can create multiple mobile apps for Android and IOS both platforms from a single code base 

How to Get started with mobile app development with Vue Js Native.

In order to start with VueJs Native mobile app development you need to quickly get started by simply following below steps

For installation of vue native

  1. Install Node: You can simply go and search for NodeJs  for windows or Mac or Linux depending on whatever the operating system that you’re choosing you will get an installable find this directly go when you install this known on your machine. you can  ensure by typing the command node – v and check whether not got installed successfully on your machine or not.  If you don’t know about NodeJs then its worth to start with “Node Js tutorial for beginners
  2. Install vue: On the Command line just type “npm install – g  vue”.  This will install VueJs  on your computer.
  3. Install Vue cli : Just run the command “npm install -g vue-cli”
  4. Install Expo CLI: Just run the command “npm install -g expo-cli”
  5. Install Vue native CLI: By running the command “npm install -g vue-native-cli”
  6. Install react native : By running command “npm install -g create-react-native-app”
  7. Install yarn package manager : By typing the command “npm install -g yarn”

So far we are done with the installation. Now its time to create a project

Mobile app project creation:

Simply run the command vue-native init —YourProjectName—

This will automatically create a new folder named YourProjectName

Start your project

Simply go inside the YourProjectName folder and run the command npm start.

It will build the project and show a QR code to test the application on android/IOS/Web. You can simply choose any of the method

To Test application with real device

Install Expo Go application to your mobile and scan the QR code shared by the development machine.

Here its notable that your computer and mobile both should be in same network only otherwise you wouldn’t be able to connect to your dev environment.

To download APK

 You need to create your free credentials at and inside the command line you need to run the command “expo build:android” it will ask for your expo credentials and start building the application. Once your build will get created it will automatically create APK inside your expo dashboard you can simply download it from there.

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