How to close any application program using linux command line

sometimes we get that application program like firefox, geany or image editor which is running on our computer is not responding.Then we get various question in our mind like

*. How to close application from command line?
*. Is there any way to close application from command line.
And others.

Linux and Unix both Operating system has a very good command named Kill command.Here is the steps to use kill command to stop or close any application forcely.

For example:How to close mozilla firefox using command line?

Step 1:Use the below command
Command Structure:

ps aux | grep {application-name}

Actual Command:

ps aux | grep firefox

This will show all process which name like

user   2556 27.6 18.1 756884 183840 ?       Sl   15:15   2:25 /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.24/firefox-bin

So you can see the process id in second column

You can check process id of any application with below command

pidof firefox-bin

This will provide the process id

Step 2: Now you have process id of application . Use simply below command to kill application

kill 3045

You are done.

Alternate one line linux  command to do close application

pkill -f firefox-bin

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