Magento 2.X

Magento 2 tutorials, how tos , developer guideline for magento2 with notes

Working with Models in Magento 2

This is part 2 of two parts article. See part 1 by clicking here. This article is part 2 of “Working with Magento 2 Models”, which is talking about Model class file creation in Magento 2 and fetching data from database table using same. To see part 1 click on Creating Setup script in Magento(…)

Creating Setup script in Magento 2

This is part 1 of two parts article. See part 2 by clicking here. Magento 1’s ORM (object relationship mapper) is still available in Magento 2. That workes on Active Record inspired pattern that uses Model, Resource Model, and Resource Model collection classes. But because of Magento’s new object system we need to create different(…)

Adding layout to Magento 2 Module

Magento2 page layout is based on container. Every container is can have multiple blocks inside it.Each block is connected with their block object (ViewModel Object) that behaves like source for block phtml file. How does Magento page layout arranged in Magento 2: Next segment of our blog is “How to add new block under any(…)

Create Basic Module of Magento 2

Before I dig into coding parts of our first Module development using Magento 2:- Let me add some input into this direction that will further help us to understand further . Magento 2 is not based on MVC Magento 2 is not based on MVC (Model View Controller) pattern. Instead its based on MVVM (Model(…)

Create a new plugin in Magento 2

The plugins (also known as Interceptor) is a class that modify the behavior of public class by intercepting the function call and running code before, after or with (around) function call. By creating the plugin we create substitute or extend the functionality of existing functionality (the same that we were doing in magento 1 rewrite).(…)

New concepts introduced in Magento 2

In this article we will see some new concepts introduced in magento 2 Trait is a new feature introduced in PHP 5.4 that has provided a new way to use multiple inheritence. In other words trait has overcome the problem of interface. See details of traits at here Reflection is a PHP library that provides(…)

Why Traits in Magento 2

In PHP, Multiple inheritence was supported with the help of Interface. But interface implementation is not flexible like class inheritance. So to make this happen traits came into the picuture. We will understand this concept with below :- With the help of inheritance we make our code re-usable, it means same property and methods doesn’t(…)

Technical Specification and kick off details for Magento 2

Operating systems (Linux x86-64) Minimum 2 GB  RAM Composer Web servers Apache 2.2 or 2.4 OR  Nginx 1.8 MySQL 5.6 PHP (5.6.x Or 7.0.2) Magento 2 installation is a two step process. Project setup/Downloading the code base from and unzip Installation of magento project … Traverse to your document root (by using cd command)(…)

Magento2 new features

More Compatible with Popular Platforms like PHP 5. Using smart features of Zend caching, translation and translation Jquery Library is totally replaced by prototype library Due to Zends performance feature magento 2 is 20% more  performance incentive. Automated testing Better security with more server side validations Css3 PSR compliance Magento FPC (Full Page Caching) enabled